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'This is a novel that quietly sings.'  ('Reading Time,' Children's Book Council of Australia) Read the full review here 

'Sue Saliba is one of our most interesting voices writing for young people.' (Australian Book Review). Read the full review here

'In this delicate, finely balanced tale, Sue Saliba explores grief, loss and the inevitability of change. Highly Recommended.' (Good Reading Magazine) Read the full review here  

'...this is a novel that is as precious and rare as the birds and native forests Nella and her new friend Isobel explore.' (Books in Print Bookstore) Read the full review here

'...a lyrical coming of age story, beautifully and evocatively would be a wonderful class novel or book for a literature circle to explore.' (Pat Pledger, ReadPlus) Read the full review here 

'Full of adolescent yearning for what was and hope for the future, this is a lovely read.' (Coast Magazine p.112)  Read the full review here



Shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction, 2012

Notable Australian Children's Book, Children's Book Council of Australia, 2012

Best Designed Children's Fiction Book, Australian Publishers' Association, 2012



'Saliba has written an elegiac, wise and moving novel.' (Cameron Woodhead, 'The Saturday Age') Read the review here

'alaska is a gorgeous, gorgeous book. it's breathless and aching and it completely captures that swirl of coming-of-age emotions. the fear and hope and vulnerability we all feel. the fleeting moments of deep happiness pitched against the uncertainties of the world and your place in it…this book is brave and true and full of heart and soul…i completely loved alaska.'  (Nomes, ink crush) Read full review here

'There are books imbued with a certain kind of magic.
There are books we read and then, then, there are books that invite complete immersion. A gift from an Author to a reader, to give words that have texture and fluidity, richness and depth, a narrative that invites participation and hides the world around us behind a veil of enchantment… 'Alaska'… is such a book.' (The Book Gryffin) Read full review here

'After I first saw and heard of Alaska, I couldn't wait to read it... it seemed to be such a different book, so beautiful and intriguing... and I wasn't let down, but lifted up - it was very different from the brief description's I'd read, there is so much more to it and I loved it!... I adored how Sue brought across the Conservation side of the story and it made it a truly amazing read… ' (Romi, Where The Writer Comes To Write) Read the review  here

'I loved how atmospheric the prose was - it leaps and bounds, free from the restraints of capital letters and rules. There is also this quiet intensity about it that invites you into Mia's world, into Alaska.' (Cass, Words on Paper) Read the review here

'Some books shout from the page, strident and bold, demanding to be heard. Other books whisper in your ear. Almost as if to say: 'Come closer. I have something to tell you.' So you lean in, sink into the words, and let yourself be submerged.
Alaska is one of the latter. It is a quiet, seemingly simple story, with great emotional depth beneath the plot... There is something almost dream-like about the experience of reading this book – the lyrical flow, the delicate handling of the dialogue, the beauty of the language… 
Absolutely beautiful.' (Reynje, Melbourne) Read the review here

'Effortless and beautiful, with really spare and graceful writing. One of those wonderful YA books that really captures the pain and loneliness of adolescence (late teens, I'm assuming). Didn't think I'd like it, and it really resonated with me. Not a single excess word or unneeded scene. Really gorgeous.' (Suzanne, Perth) Read the review here

'I fell in love with it instantly.' (Launceston Examiner) read the review here


Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction, 2009

Best Children’s Book Cover, Australian Publishers’ Association, 2009

Nominated for Australian Book Review Favourite Australian Novel, 2009


‘… It’s beautiful and poetic, short but stuffed with little truths and oh! moments. Something in the World Called Love took out this year’s Victorian Premier’s Award for Young Adult Fiction. So there.’  (Simmone Howell, author of ‘Notes from the Teenage Underground’ and ‘Everything Beautiful’.) Read the review here

‘Esma’s journey is moving and increasingly optimistic… the story is captivating. Highly recommended.’ (Reading Time, journal of Children’s Book Council of Australia)

‘I’m giving ‘Something in the World Called Love four stars. It was a beautifully written novel, really the writing style is amazing.’ (Allie, justlistenbookreviews.) read the review here

‘… the novel is a beautiful tale about self discovery… (it) encapsulates one of the most important lessons all young adults go through – figuring out which relationships are healthy and worth maintaining and in the process falling deeper in love with life.’ (Ebonnie Lord, Sentinel Times)

‘Something in the World Called Love would be a great novella to have in the school library. In the English classroom it could be used to show modern, free, post-structuralist writing that students may be exposed to in tertiary study.’ (Donna Gardiner, Education Department of WA) 

‘A gentle but fiercely incisive writer, she captures the cruel insecurity of youth and the destructive power of emotional manipulation…’ (Judges’ report, Victorian Premier’s Award) Read the review here.



Notable Australian Children's Book, Childrens Book Council of Australia 1998